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Industry Updates from March 2023 Meeting

16 industry representatives joined the recent SABAC meeting in person and 15 industry representatives joined virtually on the 1st of March 2023.  SABAC very much appreciates the vital and ongoing support of GPSA for hosting these important meetings.

There were 12 presentations providing updates to the committee on their current activities, with some key points as follows:

  • Nine months on from Barley Australia merging with Grains Australia (GA) and all Barley Australia activities, including Malting Barley Accreditation are continuing business as usual.
  • The newly malt accredited variety Buff and an update on the other varieties progressing through the program in 2023 and beyond was provided by the MBIBTC.
  • SABAC webpage members only section has been updated with presentations from this recent meeting.
  • Coopers discussed the current dynamics of the global malt industry, the 22/23 season and the new development currently underway at Coopers Brewery.
  • Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) provided an update the barley variety Titan AX recently accepted into the 2023 malt accreditation program and discussed the agronomic performance of their other varieties currently in Stage 2 of the malt accreditation program.
  • InterGrain provided updates on Zena CL (currently in Stage 2 of the malt accreditation program), the feed variety Combat and introduced two new barley lines recently accepted into the 2023 malt accreditation program.
  • SECOBRA/Seednet provided an update on the progress of Laperouse in Stage 2 of the 2023 malt accreditation program.
  • Viterra provided updates on market access and barley receivals for 2022 and global markets.
  • SARDI provided an update on recent disease survey results across Australia.
  • AEGIC provided a summary of their barley market technical engagements to date, noted that they are continuing their malt barley webinars in China, Mexico, South America and South Africa and feed webinars into South East Asia.
  • Plant Health Operations – Biosecurity SA provided a summary on potential diseases and pests to the grains industry and discussed the importance of early detection.
  • CSIRO discussed the research into farming systems and sustainability.

Key Industry Dates

GRDC Grains Research Updates

 GPSA On Farm Storage Workshops

Monday, 27 March 2023 9am Balaklava Sports Club

Tuesday, 28 March 2023 9am Georgetown Bowls Club

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 9am Maitland Golf Club

Thursday, 30 March 2023 9am Brown’s Well Football Club

Friday, 31 March 2023   9am Coomandook Church Hall

South East Field Days

Lucindale, South Australia

17-18 March 2023

Eyre Peninsula Field Days

Cleve, South Australia


Yorke Peninsula Field Days

Paskeville, South Australia

26-28 September 2023

Adelaide Royal Show

Adelaide, South Australia

2-10 September 2023

AEIGC Webinars

Mexico and Columbia: Australian barley quality and quantity

23 March 2023, online

South Africa: Australian barley quality and quantity.

28 March 2023, online

Brazil: Australian barley quality and quantity.

30 March 2023, online