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Chairman Simon Tickner

The South Eastern Australian Barley Advisory Council (SEABAC) represents the southern New South Wales, Victorian and Tasmanian barley growing regions. The management committee consists of the Chairperson, Simon Tickner (Grower), Trevor Perryman Vice-Chair, Mary Raynes Secretary (AEGIC) and Mark Lewis Treasurer (Riordan). The council membership comprises of over 40 industry representatives, with these agency’s being a conduit of information with the aim to facilitate communication, collaboration and to identify opportunities across the barley supply chain. The council rotates meetings around the regions within its remit, usually integrating a crop tour once a year at the pre-harvest meeting. The council has the capacity to identify grower and broader industry concerns at early stages and seek avenues to address these, respond as a representative regional industry body and provide guidance to influence industry direction in relation to issues or drivers of research and development”. The council covers topics at a regional, state, national and international level, all aiming to provide value to the Australian barley grower and the greater Australian barley industry.

The Council was first established in 2004 by Mary Raynes and David Moody, both at the time where employed by Agriculture Victorian Government.

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Industry Updates from SEABAC Autumn Meeting

Industry Updates from Autumn Meeting 30 industry representatives joined the autumn meeting via a virtual Teams meeting on the 9th of March 2022.  SEABAC values…
SEABAC Members Content
Industry Updates from SEABAC Spring Meeting

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