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Industry Updates – 2023 Post Harvest Meeting


13 industry representatives joined the recent SEABAC meeting in person at Karstens Sydney, 111 Harrington Street, and 25 industry representatives joined virtually on the 17th of March 2023.  SEABAC values the vital and ongoing support of the barley industry for these important meetings.

There were 12 topics on the agenda for discussion, with some key points as follows:

  • Nine months on from Barley Australia (BA) merging with Grains Australia (GA) and all BA activities, including Malting Barley Accreditation are continuing business as usual.
  • The newly malt accredited variety Buff and an update on other varieties progressing through the program in 2023 and beyond was provided by the MBIBTC. The preferred malting barley varieties by market demand tables for each State in Australia has recently been updated on the BA website.
  • AEGIC provided a summary of their barley market technical engagements to date, noted that they are continuing their malt barley webinars in China, Mexico, South America and South Africa and feed webinars into Southeast Asia.
  • Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) provided an update the barley variety Titan AX recently accepted into the 2023 malt accreditation program and discussed the agronomic performance of their other varieties currently in Stage 2 of the malt accreditation program.
  • InterGrain provided updates on Zena CL (currently in Stage 2 of the malt accreditation program), the feed variety Combat and introduced two new barley lines recently accepted into the 2023 malt accreditation program.
  • SECOBRA/Seednet provided an update on the progress of Laperouse in Stage 2 of the 2023 malt accreditation program.
  • Grower and agronomy updates discussed barley’s good disease performance related to the other commodities in the 2022 wetter than usual season and their expectations for the 2023 growing season.
  • Malt updates for the domestic & export markets were provided by representatives from Barret Burston Maltings, Malteurop and Boortmalt
  • Domestic feed market was discussed for the 2022 growing season and the market expectations for 2023.
  • Grain Growers discussed the evolution of the Grains Sustainability Framework, draft targets and indicators and ongoing consultation with industry and identifying data sources.
  • SEABAC Spring meeting is likely to incorporate a crop tour, however the venue location to be determined. Potential region visiting will be Wagga Wagga, all depending on season outlook.
  • SEABAC webpage members only section has been updated with presentations from this recent meeting and also includes the article that discusses the farmers discovery of the herbicide resistant barley.


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