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Joint Statement from:
Barley Australia
Grains Industry Market Access Forum
National Working Party on Grain Protection
Grain Producers Australia
Grain Growers Limited

Reminder on Market Requirements for IMI Tolerant Barley Varieties

30 May 2019

Key Points:

  • Growers and farm advisors are reminded of the potential market access
    impacts of using IMI chemicals on barley this year.
  • It is recommended that growers carefully consider the use of imidazolinone
    chemicals (IMI) on their IMI tolerant barley varieties
    (Spartacus CL or Scope CL).
  • Growers are advised to consult with their agronomists, chemical suppliers
    and grain buyers about the potential market impacts when considering the
    use of IMI chemicals on barley.


On 29 March 2019, the Australian barley industry released a statement that recommended growers carefully consider the use of imidazolinone chemicals on their IMI tolerant barley varieties (Spartacus CL or Scope CL) this season. This industry update reaffirms that message. A copy of the

March statement is available here:

  • (via Barley Australia website) Grain Trade Australia also released a statement advising of the potential marketing and financial issues associated with IMI chemicals on barley, available here: (via Grain Trade Australia website)

In Australia, two products containing imidazolinone chemistry are registered for use post-emergence on IMI tolerant barley varieties; Intervix® herbicide and Intercept® (both containing imazapyr and imazamox). One product is registered for pre-emergence only – Sentry® herbicide (containing imazapyr and imazapic). There are no other imidazolinone herbicides registered for use on barley. IMI tolerant barley varieties (Spartacus CL or Scope CL) may incur market access restrictions in some important export destinations, including Japan and South Korea. This potential restriction is due to the existing Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) in those destination markets being below the residues allowed in Australia for IMI chemicals. All grain exported must meet the importing country regulatory requirements, including MRLs for individual chemicals that may be listed under the IMI category. Using IMI chemicals in accordance with APVMA label requirements does not guarantee compliance with overseas MRL requirements. Exporters and bulk handling companies use a variety of tools to manage compliance with export market MRLs, including chemical residue monitoring on grower receivals, stock selection or only selling to certain markets. This may result in the need for commodity vendor declarations from growers or specific segregations. There may be commercial implications for exporters and bulk handlers which may influence grower pricing. Following the 29 March industry statement, Nufarm released two statements regarding the use of “IMI” chemistry in barley intended for export. The notification should be considered by growers intending to use Intercept® and Sentry®. The statement recommends that growers carefully consider the use of imidazolinone chemicals on their IMI tolerant barley varieties. The Nufarm statements are available here: • • BASF also released a statement regarding the use of Intervix® on barley intended for export. The BASF statement is available here: • (via BASF website)


Industry and chemical companies have a priority focus on maintaining access to chemical technology for the Australian barley industry. Through chemical companies and the Australian government, the Australian barley industry is currently seeking various overseas governments to adopt IMI MRLs on barley that are more aligned with Australian MRLs. However, seeking alternative MRLs is a complicated process and timelines are uncertain and difficult to predict. Applications for revised MRLs may not be successful. It is currently unknown whether revised MRLs may be adopted by those markets or in place for the 2019 harvest. Growers are encouraged to speak with their relevant bulk handling companies and grain buyers to keep updated with their plans for handling IMI tolerant barley varieties treated with the IMI chemicals (imazapyr, imazamox and imazapic). Growers are also encouraged to speak to their agronomists or advisors. Growers are also encouraged to participate in any bulk handler surveys where information is sought on potential use of IMI chemicals on IMI tolerant barley varieties, or grower meetings to ensure a co-ordinated industry approach to managing market access is maintained.