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Malting Barley Evaluation Update – Laperouse

The Board of Barley Australia has considered the recommendation from the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee (MBIBTC) for the Laperouse variety currently under evaluation.


Laperouse (WI4952): Further parcels of grain were pilot malted, as planned, to satisfy the requirements for Stage One. Laperouse has now successfully completed Stage One evaluation and can proceed into Stage Two commercial evaluation trials in 2021.  Due to availability of grain parcels, it is expected that Stage Two evaluation will be carried into 2022.


To find out more about other varieties undergoing evaluation please visit the Barley Australia website, which was updated earlier in the year to reflect the status of all varieties under evaluation. Information outlining Accredited and Preferred varieties is also available.  Details can be found at under the varieties tab.