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Barley Australia merges with Grains Australia 

The Boards of Barley Australia and Grains Australia are pleased to announce they have completed a merger of Barley Australia into Grains Australia.

Under the merger Grains Australia takes responsibility for all technical functions associated with barley varietal classification, trade and market access and information and education on behalf of the Australian barley industry.

Barley Australia’s current Board of Directors will form a new barley industry council within Grains Australia to ensure ongoing oversight and continued delivery of key services to industry.

Barley Australia Director Trevor Perryman said the organisation has played a critical role in establishing and overseeing Australia’s barley variety classification and accreditation system, identifying key priorities for industry, and serving as a key contact point for domestic and international customers.

“Since 2005 Barley Australia has served as the peak body for the Australian barley and malting industry,” he said

“Under the merger with Grains Australia we look forward to not only continuing to deliver this important stewardship but delivering a more effective and expanded role in classification and trade and market access priorities through Grains Australia.”

Grains Australia Chair Terry Enright said the merger was a significant step for the newly established organisation.

“The merger of Barley Australia follows the integration of Wheat Quality Australia into Grains Australia and brings together the combined classification processes and resources for wheat and barley in Australia under the one organisation,” Mr Enright said.

“Driven by the support of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), Australia’s grain industry now has one organisation that is responsible for delivering classification, market access and key education functions and priorities.”

Under the merger, all existing technical functions performed by Barley Australia through the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee continue and existing staff are joining Grains Australia. In addition, all residual funds in Barley Australia will be ringfenced for barley classification and promotion of key barley issues.


Contact Terry Enright, 0427 958 015. Trevor Perryman 0417 264 936.

About Grains Australia
Grains Australia Limited is an industry initiative of the Grains Research and Development Corporation, Grain Growers Ltd, Grain Producers Australia and Grain Trade Australia. Grains Australia will consolidate a multitude of industry-good functions in one organisation. These functions will include trade and market access, commodity variety classification, market information and domestic education.