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The Barley Australia Board recently met to discuss InterGrain variety, Banks (IGB1305), and its final accreditation decision, following the Stage 2 recommendation submitted from the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee (MBIBTC). After much deliberation and extensive review of all results, we regret to advise that Banks has not been granted final malting barley accreditation as a result of: – A low percentage of the19 commercial batches processed meeting required quality standards – Consistent commercial malthouse processing challenges including: o Inconsistent response to processing aid Gibberellic Acid (GA) o Lower than desirable modification, resulting in only a few batches falling within the ideal Kolbach Index range. Subsequently, Banks has a tendency to: § Produce higher than desirable levels of Dimethyl Sulphide § Higher wort haze, low FAN and high wort beta-glucan Whilst Banks has some desirable agronomic and quality characteristics the variety has been unsuccessful in the achievement of malt and brewing accreditation. ends.