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Barley Australia Announces the Results of Malting Barley Evaluation Trials

It is with great pleasure that the Board of Barley Australia announces the successful accreditation of two new varieties:

Bottler (HV 16)

Kiwi (02035-160)


Bottler and Kiwi were submitted by GrainSearch and Malteurop Australia respectively.  Both varieties were accredited as Malting Barley following the evaluation trials conducted in association with the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee (MBIBTC) assessment, under the Barley Australia malting barley evaluation process.


Bottler is a medium rainfall, mid-season maturity variety from GrainSearch. This is a high fermentability variety, well suited to the export market. Bottler is suited to environments where RGT Planet and Westminster are grown. For new growers looking for seed in 2022, please contact Seednet. Further information on this variety can be found on the GrainSearch website by accessing the link:


Kiwi is a high rainfall variety from Malteurop Australia.  Whilst this variety was submitted as a medium fermentability variety, its performance appears to be best suited to the high fermentability category and is therefore well suited to both domestic and export markets.  Kiwi is intended to be grown largely in Victoria in the same environments as Westminster and Fairview. For further information on this variety please contact Charlie Hill, Malteurop, Geelong at


As with all previous accreditations, it is the market that will determine the success of these new varieties. The Barley Australia malting barley evaluation and accreditation process is recognised as the required standard for the determination of malting barley for all new Australian malting barley varieties.  Barley Australia congratulates GrainSearch and Malteurop Australia, and those personnel that have worked to bring these varieties to the marketplace.  Barley Australia will continue to assist market adoption of these newly accredited varieties through our new program of post accreditation support, which is currently under development.


The Barley Australia website has been updated for Accredited varieties and to reflect the status of other varieties under evaluation. Preferred varieties have also been updated.  Details can be found at